Posted on: May 7, 2011 9:46 am

Email From Comissioner Bettman

My olde freind Mr. Mo;

I understand your disappointment that there will be no game on NBC this afternoon (Saturday). The anticipated game 5 of the Capitals/Lightning series would of been great. As you know I don't follow hockey much, but my advisors assure me that a sweep was unlikely and that there would be no need to schedule a back-up game.
To answer your question as to why we had 3 games on Wednesday, one on Thursday, and then two on Friday - yes this worked against us today. The fact is I am a big fan of Wednesday night television - "Modern Family" is hilarious and that Courtney Cox on "Cougar Town" has held up well, she is single now, think I should put the olde Bettman moves on her and maybe take her to a basketball game. Sorry I wondered for a moment - but since I am watching TV anyways if anything comes up I get a call from Toronto to switch channels and see what I missed - damn press conferences.
So again I am sorry and hope you enjoy those paid info-mercials on NBC this afternoon. Do you think the Bulls can win it all, it would be a great story.

Your friend the Commish, Gary Bettman
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Posted on: October 5, 2010 2:48 pm

NHL starts Thursday ?

Dear NHL Commissioner;
   Why did you decide to start the NHL season on Thursday October 7th ? There is very little on televsion on Tuesday October 5th and you would be able to start the season with a bang.
                                                                                    Your Fan, Mr. Mo

Dearest Mr. Mo;
   It has been a while olde friend, we must do lunch soon. To answer the question: It is the NHL's opinion that little is on television on Tuesday October 5th because it is a day of sports rest. With the MLB playoffs starting Wednesday and the CFB and NFL seasons going strong the average fan needs a day to digest what has happened to their favorite team and ponder the future. We feel that Thursday is a great night to "face-off" (hockey humor) our season. We feel that fans will have little interest in the undefeated Nebraska/Kansas State game or the Twins/Yankees, much less Atlanta/San Francisco playoffs match-ups. I myself am excited because their is a new episode of "This Old House" airing on Thursday night. Keep in touch.
                                                                                      Your friend Gary Bettman "The Commish"

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